Monday, February 4, 2013

Natural Law - Slump 7" (2010)

Artist: Natural Law
Album: Slump 7"
Release: 2010
Label: Katorga/Deranged

1. Hand and Foot
2. Poor Taste
3. Slump
4. Persona
5. Acclimate

Another polarizing hardcore band due to hype (Katorga and Deranged will do that to a band). But at the end of the day, sometimes hype is warranted  and in the case of this Natural Law 7", that's definitely the case (so ignore the griping punks in the corner and listen to the internet). Buzz saw guitars, catchy riffs, drowning vocals, five and a half minutes of great hardcore, its all there, its all good, so check it out. Especially recommended if you liked that Cult Ritual LP.

Unfortunately this 7" is way too old to buy from the label.