Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Horror Vacui - In Darkness You Will Feel Alright (2012)

Artist: Horror Vacui
Album: In Darkness You Will Feel Alright
Release: 2012
Label: AVANT! Records

1. Intro
2. Black Rivers
3. I Like It When A Soldier Dies
4. Corvus Corax
5. Everytime
6. In Darkness
7. Yersinia
8. Arabian Spring
9. Leave Me Alone
10. Outro

I was watching the horror flick Susperia (1977) a few nights ago with some friends, and this being my second viewing of the movie, I came to the conclusion that it was surprisingly goofy. My first run through I was entirely enamored with the surreal lighting and over the top soundtrack, and somehow the horrific acting (uninspired, not scary) was missed while immersed in the film's fantastic atmosphere. But you know what? I don't think this realization has moved Susperia from my list of movies I would recommend to anyone. I don't care that there are awkward transitions meant to build failed suspense, or that some of the more terrifying moments of the movie really are more laugh worthy than gasp worthy. I choose to appreciate the world of Susperia for what it is: a place filled with inexplicable colored light, and beautiful visuals composed of corpses lying in their own blood, impaled by broken stained glass.

Why is this relevant you ask? This is a music blog after all. Partly because I felt like trying something new and self-indulgent when introducing this record, but also because my relationship with this record, Horror Vacui's new LP, is much like my relationship with Susperia. I know that many of my friends would listen to a track off of this record and think the vocals were melodramatic, or the execution more theatric than dark. But those friends are obnoxious and missing the point. This record, In Darkness You Will Feel Alright is a wonderfully executed addition to the current 80's/goth/punk revival festering in punk circles abound. The melodies are catchy and driving, and the vocals right out of Romeo's Distress. If your looking for good atmosphere and feeling like you need more teased black hair in your life (who doesn't?) then this is for you. Now that you got through my bull shit go listen to it:


Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Misfits - Night Of The Living Dead (1979) & 3 Hits From Hell (1981)

Artist: The Mistfits
Album: Night Of The Living Dead
Release: 1979
Label: Plan 9

1. Where Eagles Dare
2. Night Of The Living Dead
3. Rat Fink
Artist: The Misfits
Album: 3 Hits From Hell
Release: 1981
Label: Plan 9

1. London Dungeon
2. Horror Hotel
3. Ghouls' Night Out

Sadly, on this day of all days, November 1, Halloween has ended, and you are no doubt in a hungover haze (no matter whether mini candy bars or brass monkey is your vice). But if you're ever down, oppressed by the the beautiful memories of Halloweens past, incapacitated by the anticipation of another year of throwing rotten eggs at kids, smashing empty 40ozs on passing cars, and vomiting in your ex-girlfriend's bushes (pained that she never did dress as Woody Allen to your Dianne Keaton) then throw these on. Without a doubt they will soothe your brooding soul, and all-in-all prepare you for many All Hallow's Eves to come.

Download I
Download II

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cult Ritual - LP (2009)

Artist: Cult Ritual
Album: s/t LP
Release: 2009
Label: Youth Attack

1. Holidays
2. Horror Sale
3. Ugly Years
4. Nailed
5. Failed
6. Saturday's Blood
7. Last Time
8. Cancer Money

Cult Ritual is another David Vassalotti outfit (see previous rant about Merchandise), and is unfortunately now defunct. Not to say he's all that went into this band, but damn, it seems like every band he's in rules, so at this point I'm just put two and two together. Seriously though, David and his buddies down in Florida killed it with this LP. Those following hardcore the past few years will surely have heard of this band, if not heard this record. Front to back it engulfs your pitiful little brain with sharp, noisy, unforgettable hardcore riffs, and keeps you in that unhealthy headspace where singing about crucified cops (their words not mine) makes the day that much easier to get through. This band doesn't lay directly in the wake of many of the older bands on this blog, but they are without a doubt dark in the sense that plenty of pent up aggression went into making this record. Check it out, and then wish you could find an affordable copy of this LP:


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autonomy - The Art Of Work In The Age Of Digital Reproduction (2012)

Artist: Autonomy
Album: The Art Of Work In The Age Of Digital Reproduction
Release: 2012
Label: Dirt Cult

1. Homostasis Stasis
2. Public Faith
3. Dumb Punk
4. Contemptus Mundi
5. Library of Alexandria
6. No Need
7. Kistvaen
8. Gods Die
9. Work Order
10. Monuments Men
11. Fear Hate
12. Culture Tomb

I've been anticipating this LP ever since I first got my hands on Autonomy's 2011 demo and it was well worth the wait. The production is more clear, the songs more polished, and the energy and atmosphere of the demo intact. Frantic and dancable, this record takes from a spectrum of punk and post-punk influences, landing somewhere between the fuzzed-out, political Crass records tradition, and more dark atmospheric new wave. Don't pass this one up, you'll regret it:


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Merchandise - (Strange Songs) In The Dark (2010)/Children of Desire (2012)

Artist: Merchandise 
Album: (Strange Songs) In The Dark
Release: 2010
Label: Katorga Works, Drugged Conscious

1. Loss
2. I Locked The Door
3. Foolish (Her Song)
4. I Get Lost
5. Worthless Apology
6. In The Dark
Artist: Merchandise
Album: Children Of Desire
Release: 2012
Label: Katorga Works

1. Thin Air
2. Time
3. Become What You Are
4. In Nightmare Room
5. Satellite
6. Roser Park

So to say I've been slacking hard on this blog is an understatement. I appreciate all of you that have dug through past posts in my absence. Focusing on such small niches of music so intensely for a while has burnt me out  a bit, so what I plan to do is open the scope of this blog a bit (don't worry, 80's punk in all its various forms will still rule). To start here are two albums from a band very strongly influenced by the goth movement, but who have done something refreshing in a period where Christian Death and Discharge clones roam abound. I mean lets be serious, not everyone can pull it off like Deathcharge. This band, Merchandise, is probably not new to you, as even hoards of Pitchfork followers are discovering them, but I highly recommend both of these releases if you haven't given them the chance they deserve.

The first, '(Strange Songs) In the Dark', is more outwardly influenced by many other bands on this blog. Depressing, synth heavy, drum machine, dark crooning, its all there. But something else puts this band a step above many other contemporary acts. In fact two somethings. The first is that, while definitely residing in the wake of Ian Curtis, Adrian Borland (The Sound), etc, the vocalist for Merchandise, Carson Cox, has an identifiable, heart-wrenching voice in his own right. The second is that guitarist David Vassalotti writes guitar riffs of all kinds, so good they'll make you dumb. And when I say all kinds I mean it. Check out the last song on the Merchandise demo (pure 90's gold), his solo work under monikers Dads, D.Vassalotti (lo-fi noisy pop), or his work with Cult Ritual (riff dominated hardcore). All fantastic, and I haven't even delved into the Neon Blud discography quite yet (another solo project).

These two records will make you sad, they will make you sing along, they will make wish you could ever write a song so fucking good. Start with my favorite below. In my opinion the best of many great songs they have written. If you like what you hear, watch Katorga for represses, 'Strange Songs' already has been repressed once, and I'm sure Children of Desire isn't too far off.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

DEEP HEAT - Low Lights (2011)

Album: Low Lights EP
Release: 2011
Label: s/r (as far as I can tell)

1. Sideways
2. Green Box
3. When It Hums
4. Low Lights
5. Clean Break
6. Negative Though
7. Tangent Circles
8. White Light

Sharing several members with the recently toured Infinite Void, these Australians came through Willimantic, CT for round two last night. They played at Willimantic Records as before, and were equally as kick ass under this moniker/line up change. DEEP HEAT's frantic brand of dark pop is outwardly darkwave influenced, filled with fast paced hooks and dreamy atmosphere. Vocal duties are shared between three members, imparting some diversity to their sound. And the ever-grooving base lines are sure to please. Check it out, you surely won't be disappointing:


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sin Dios - Alerta Antifascista (1993)

Artist: Sin Dios
Album: Alerta Antifascista
Release: 1993
Label: Potencial Hardcore

1. Alerta Antifascista
2. La Huelga
3. Hambre Negra, Expolio Blanco
4. Cancion De Amor (Celda De Aislamiento)
5. Las Carceles
6. Poema
7. Imigrante Ilegal
8. Unas Flores Con Sorpresa
9. La Historia Que No Cuenta
10. Actua
11. Nuevas Generaciones
12. No Queremos Paz Sino Victoria

Sin Dios are a hardcore/anarcho outfit from Spain that formed in the late '80s and have been around through the aughts. This particular full length was released in '93 and is mostly full of straightforward hardcore. Here and there other influences will peak from behind the torrent of power chords, a bit of ska here, a dark riff there. Even some traditional Spanish guitar finds its way onto this release. While I'm not always in love with these departures, when they work they work well, and they definitely bring a diversity to this release that sometimes is lacking on hardcore LPs. Check it out:


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Haldol - Demo (2011)

This hardcore/deathrock demo was submitted to me by way of Nashville, TN. Self-proclaimed influences include Japanese hardcore legends active in the Burning Spirit scene, which is evident in their murky, riff-filled sound. Tracks surge between unsettling, slow-tempo builds and noisy hardcore. This EP is a solid first release, and Haldol will be releasing an LP followed by two EPs in the not so distant future, so for now head over to their bandcamp for a pay-what-you-will download, and watch out for new material to come. Check it out:


Friday, August 24, 2012

Crass - Stations Of The Crass (1979)

Artist: Crass
Album: Stations Of The Crass
Release: 1979
Label:  Crass Records

1. Mother Earth
2. White Punks On Hope
3. You've Got Big Hands
4. Darling
5. System
6. Big Man, Big M.A.N.
7. Hurry Up Garry
8. Fun Going On
9. Crutch Of Society
10. Heard To Much About
11. Chairman Of The Board
12. Tired
13. Walls
14. Upright Citizen
15. The Gasman Cometh
16. Demoncrats
17. Conaminational Power
18. Time Out
19. I Ain't Think, It's Just A Trick
20. System
21. System/Big Man, Big M.A.N./Banned From The Roxy/Hurry Up Garry [Live]
22. Women/Shaved Women/You Pay/Heard To Much About [Live]
23. Angels/What A Shame/So What/G's Song [Live]
24. Do They Owe Us A Living? [Live]
25. Punk Is Dead

Obviously Crass needs no introduction, so I'll forgo the usual background and simply point you towards the omniscient Wikipedia. I would do such an influential band no justice anyhow. What I can say is that 'Stations Of The Crass' is the band's second full length LP, and is full of the noisy, hectic, politically obsessed sound that has made the group so iconic. I'm still exploring their vast discography, so I can't really accurately rank the release, but if you're like me, and have put off Crass for too long, this is definitely a great place to start.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dirt - Object Refuse Reject Abuse (1981)

Artist: Dirt
Album: Object Refuse Reject Abuse
Release: 1981
Label: Crass Records

1. Hiroshima
2. Unemployment
3. Democracy
4. Dolls of Destruction

Four tracks of muddy, unrelenting early 80s anarcho punk from Crass contemporaries Dirt (Death Is Reality Today). Nothing much more to say than that. Highlights on this debut include squealing female vocals and the fact that there's not one dud on this thing. Not one to miss.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Infinite Void - s/t LP (2012)

Artist: Infinite Void
Album: s/t LP
Release: 2012
Label: Poison City Records

1. Creeping Symmetry
2. These Days
3. Pull Apart
4. Give Up
5. (You're) Still Sour
6. Pay For What Its Worth
7. Still Waiting
8. The Weight
9. Distant Light
10. Something is Lost
11. What's Left

Saw these guys last night at Willimantic Records, home turf in Willimantic, CT. They're in all the way from Melbourne, Australia, touring the US supporting their new debut s/t full length, so I was really excited to catch them. Infinite Void plays a melodic brand of dark post-punk with dancey beats, female vocals,  and swirling 80's guitar riffs that impart a dreamy element to the sound. All in all the band's aesthetic is borrowed from all the 80's regulars, but not definitively derivative of any one act I can think of. Great stuff, look out for tour dates near you, and if there isn't one, but you're dying to get your hands on a copy of the LP, head over to Poison City Records. Links below.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Estranged - The Subliminal Man (2010)

Artist: The Estranged
Album: The Subliminal Man
Release: 2010
Label: Dirtnap Records

1.The Subliminal Man
2. Lunacy
3. Doubts and Regrets
4. Faces Stare
5. Testify
6. Wicker Man
7. Perfection
8. Statue In A Room
9. Love And A Molotov Cocktail (The Flys Cover)
10. Choke

More great 80's throw back from Portland, this time in the form of straight forward dark post punk/new wave. Catchy chord progressions, plenty of flanger/chorus guitar tone, and dancey rhythm are to be found on this LP. The album gradates in pop sound, ranging from mid-Husker-Du influenced post-punk to new wave hooks via The Sound, and is devoid of any disappointing tracks. The LP is out of stock for now, but according to Dirtnap this is temporary. The album is still available in CD format however, for those interested. The links below. Try it out:


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grave Babies - Pleasures 7" (2011)

Artist: Grave Babies
Album: Pleasures 7"
Release: 2011
Label: Hardly Art

This release comes our way from Hardly Art of all places. And while Grave Babies is suited for this label in some respects, 'Pleasures' is an entirely different beast than the usual forgettable indie-pop fare that constitutes its peers. Blown-out, containing great hooks, and taking strong cues from The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cure, this 7" is some quality goth-pop. Grave Babies also have a new full length out if you're interested, although I personally am much more impressed with this EP. Watch out for shows if your near their home-base Seattle. Until next time:

*This file has been suspended via copyright law. I assume this means someone with legitimate claim would like this link taken down. I have obliged.*

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conflict - The Serenade Is Dead (1983)

Artist: Conflict
Album: The Serenade Is Dead EP
Release: 1983
Label: Mortarhate Records

1. The Serenade Is Dead
2. The Positive Junk
3. The System Maintains

Conflict is a classic UK anarcho punk band that first put out material in the early 80s, starting with their debut, 'The House That Man Built,' on Crass Records. Although the band has seen many line-ups, they continued to put out records into the early aughts, and are still together today. 'The Serenade Is Dead' is one of their earlier releases, and was put out on Conflict's own Mortarhate Records. While Conflict has always been a proponent of animal rights, anarchy, and peace, this EP focuses solely on frustration with the larger social system that surrounds us. Enjoy the numb hymns kids.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lost Tribe - Tour Tape CS/Lost Tribe 02 (2012) [updated*]

Artist: Lost Tribe
Album: Lost Tribe 02 CS
Release: 2012
Label: s/r

1. Psychic Death 
2. Life Prison
3. Asylum
4. Coma
5. Darkness

*The download link on this post now includes the full tape. Also, I have a few extra copies of the tape for sale. If you're interested, you can contact me at maloney_andrew_t(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Lost Tribe are a peace punk/goth project out of Richmond, VA. In 2010 they released The Dawn CS, a demo that would constitute much of their excellent s/t full length on Blind Prophet (you can still get it here!), as well as their Unsound 7" single, which includes possibly the best song from the demo, Unsound (hear it below).

Now they are touring, and soon, lucky for all of us, they will be releasing a tour tape, also s/t. Three of the five tracks on this tape are already available to your welcoming ears on their bandcamp (and below). The new material is less frantic and more synth heavy than previous releases, bringing a more prevalent goth tone to the tape, reminiscent of classics such as Bauhaus. Also added to this new sound is a dark psychedelic dimension that makes these five songs much more atmospheric and brooding than previous efforts. Keep an eye out for upcoming tour dates so you can get your hands on one of these. Lost Tribe may be coming to catacomb near you.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Population - s/t 7" (2011)

Artist: Population
Album: s/t 7"
Release: 2011
Label: BLVD Records

Population are a post-punk/darkwave outfit out of Chicago. I especially like this 7" of theirs, as it simultaneously showcases pop sensibility, and maintains a certain dark atmosphere reminiscent of the dark punk scene that revolved around the Batcave club in London during the early to mid '80s (Alien Sex Fiend, etc.). I don't always enjoy this particular brand of goth sound, but the Ian Curtis vocals bring these tracks together in a tasteful way, not always achieved by bands of that bygone era. Recommended for any fans of the usual dark post-punk/goth staples. 

Bonus: There are still copies left, you can check them out below.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kalashnikov - s/t EP (1984)

Artist: Kalashnikov
Album: s/t EP
Release: 1984
Label: HUB Records


2. Schlüters Kabinet
3. Ødelæg & Hærg

Female-fronted Danish outfit Kalashnikov play a dark brand of hardcore-influenced post-punk. Their s/t EP, clocking in at less than seven minutes, covers a fair amount of ground, beginning with the danceable, almost darkwave 'Læderhalse', proceeding to a straight punk track, and ending with something in between. Its short and sweet, and will leave you wanting more.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Faith/Void - Split (1982)

Artist: The Faith/Void
Album: The Faith/Void Split
Release: 1982
Label: Dischord


1. Who Are You
2. Time To Die
3. Condensed Flesh
4. Ignorant People
5. Change Places
6. Ask Them Why
7. Organized Sports
8. My Rules
9. Self Defense
10. War Hero
11. Think
12. Explode

(The Faith)
1. It's Time
2. Face to Face
3. Trapped
4. In Control
5. Another Victim
6. What's Wrong With Me?
7. What You Think
8. Confusion
9. You're X'd
10. Nightmare
11. Don't Tell Me
12. In The Black

Sometimes you sleep on a record you shouldn't. For me, this was one of those records. For all of you who are in the same boat as I, let me just say, we are all fools. Happily however, you can now right this wrong, and experience this torrent of 80s hardcore, frustration, and ideological expression for yourself. Enter the void:


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Criaturas - Arañas En El Corazon (2011)

Artist: Criaturas
Album: Arañas En El Corazon
Release: 2011
Label: Lengua Armada Discos

1. Arañas En El Carazon
2. Mentiras
3. Paranoide
4. Sombras Ocultas

Members of Deskonocidos bring us four great hardcore tunes, steeped in dark post-punk with obvious metal influences as well. This 7" is catchy, with wailing female vocals, and melodic riffs lurking behind noisy drums. To be frank, I think this release would have been better with just a bit less guitar noodling, but my tolerance for this particular metal-derived habit is low to begin with, so take this with a grain of salt. Otherwise this is a fantastic release, which is no surprise considering the band's connection with Deskonocidos, and the fact that Lengua Armada Discos is run by Limp Wrist frontman Martin Sorrondeguy. See for yourself:


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Death Evocation - s/t EP (2011)

Artist: Death Evocation
Album: s/t EP
Release: 2011
Label: Quality Control HQ

1. Relentless
2. Isolation
3. Weight

Its my birthday today, and a damn good birthday it is. I've been scraping the bowels of the internet for a week trying to find this release, as my physical is currently somewhere in the hands of the USPS, and I finally uncovered it. This EP strays some from other posts I've made on this blog, but I think you'll find it warranted. Part stoner jam, part metal, part crust, Death Evocation's self-titled  consists of three dark hardcore anthems guaranteed to satisfy any and all headbanging fixations.

The highlight of the release is no doubt 'Relentless,' demonstrating both the acute ability to write capturing riffs in the vein of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, etc., and deliver them with a fierceness atypical of usual stoner-metal fare. 'Relentless' is by no means a standalone however, as 'Isolation' and 'Weight' have their own merits, delivering further crust/metal intensity, and a more classic take on stoner-metal respectively. Unfortunately for the masses, Quality Control HQ has been sold out of these for a while, so keep an eye out as they're not easy to come by.

Follow the smoke to a riff filled land:


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Vex - Sanctuary (1984)

Artist: Vex
Album: Sanctuary
Release: 1984
Label: Fight Back Records

1. Sanctuary
2. It's No Crime
3. World In Action
4. Relative Sadness

'Sanctuary' is the only release ever purveyed by this goth-tinged post-punk outfit. On this EP, Vex fuses early 80's anarcho guitar tone and atmosphere with prominent pop sensibilities, fueled strongly by influences from the likes of Joy Division and Killing Joke. Thanks to Ghoul Man for pointing me in the direction of this one. Hear it for yourself:


Friday, June 29, 2012

Belgrado - s/t (2011)

Artist: Belgrado
Album: s/t
Release: 2011
Label: Discos Enfermos/Static Age/Oficyna Paranoja

1. No Exit
2. Clockwise
3. In My Head
4. No Answer
5. Those Times
6. Dead Generation
7. Lies
8. Zapomnijmy
9. Koszmat
10. Visions of Massacre

Belgrado are a dark post-punk group from Barcelona. Their self-titled LP consists of ten tracks of female-fronted, dancey, forlorn tunes, that fans of other contemporary anarcho groups are sure to enjoy. Their sound is akin to much of the Portland dark punk scene especially.

It's a solid release, and lucky for you there's a free, totally legal download on their bandcamp. If your itching to grab a copy, visit any of the labels that released it (links also on bandcamp). Enjoy the numb hymns.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Arctic Flowers Summer 2012 Tour & 8/14 Show w/ Foreign Objects, Bloody Gears, Cleansing Wave

The female-fronted anarcho-punk outfit Arctic Flowers (featured previously on this blog here) are touring the East and Midwest this summer supporting a new 12" EP, Procession*. Residing in Portland, OR, they don't necessarily get out to this side of the states very often, so for fans on this side of the Mississippi, I would check out their full tour schedule here. Most likely they're coming to a haunt near you. 

If you can make the Boston show, August 14th at What We Talk About, I recommend it.  I'll surely be there, as the line-up is killer, and showcases some of Massachusetts' finest (Foreign Objects, Bloody Gears, Cleansing Wave). As a preview to this dark ritual, I thought I'd share a few releases to give those unfamiliar something to look forward too:

First up is Arctic Flowers. Catchy, dark, anarchic, touring. Demo CS: Download

*new track off new Procession 12" EP that will be available on tour

Foreign Objects: Also female-fronted, straight punk rock. Great stuff. Demo CS: Download

Bloody Gears plays catchy garage/punk with dark post-punk influences. They just released an LP this year, Landscapes of Disease. Here it is: Buy, Download

Cleansing Wave: Fantastic noisy D-beat. They just released a s/t 7" on PRGNT records, pick one up here! Demo CS: Download

Remember, if you like these bands they are all current, so find a way to support them! Come say hi on August 14th, I'm the tall, dark, and gangly one.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deskonocidos - Singles Collection CS (2010)

Artist: Deskonocidos
Album: Singles Collection CS
Release: 2010
Label: W-Tapes

1. Donde Lloran
2. Controlados
3. Desaparecer
4. Anti Militar
5. No Hay Dios
6. Lo Siento
7. Juventud Perdida
8. Problemas
9. Sin Compassion
10. Ratas
11. Pesadillas

Singles comp from Texan outfit Deskonicidos. Non-stop hardcore punk with obvious dark post-punk influences. Many times I find myself wishing more dark punk bands would play more aggressively, this tape definitely satisfies this craving. Get it:


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anasazi - s/t 7" (2012)

Artist: Anasazi
Album: s/t 7"
Release: 2012
Label: Toxic State

1. Bone Collector
2. Samsara
3. Loving You

Great debut 7" from NY deathrockers Anasazi. If you missed it, their demo on Burn Books is killer, and these new three tracks do not disappoint. Continuing their homage to classic California influences (most notably Christian Death), my only disappointment with this release is that it only contains three songs. You can still get your hands on this via Katorga Works, who are carrying a number of new Toxic State releases (which can all be found on icoulddietommorow). They're going fast so get one while they last.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flux of Pink Indians - Neu Smell (1981)

Artist: Flux of Pink Indians
Album Neu Smell
Release: 1981
Label: Crass Records

1. Neu Smell
2. Tube Disasters
3. Poem
4. Sick Butchers
5. Background of Malfunction

Fantastic quirky British anarcho punk on Crass Records. This EP is short, with an intro and poetic interlude making up two of the five tracks. But it's packed full of great lyrics, covering the pitfalls of nuclear experimentation, humankind's species chauvinism, and the evils of consuming meat. I have yet to explore their later works, but from what I have read they differ greatly from this record. So get your fill of this great dark punk release, and thank Crass once again for their impeccable taste.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Permaculture - s/t CS (2012)

Artist: Permaculture
Album: s/t CS
Release: 2012
Label: s/r


1. Silent Service
2. Blindfolded
3. Fear & Contempt
4. Beg For More

Permaculture is an anarcho-punk band out of Boston. Female vocals over crunchy amps, intense riffs and booming drums. All the instrumentals are done by one guy, which makes this an impressive release. All hail god of tapes, Terminal Escape.

Download/Tapes/Topple Capitalism

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Antisect - In Darkness, There Is No Choice (1983)

Artist: Antisect
Album: In Darkness, There is No Choice
Release: 1983
Label: Spiderleg Recordings

1. They (The Eternal Myth and Paradox)
2. The World's Biggest Runt
3. A Midsummer Night's Dream
4. Channel Zero (Reality)
5.Yet They Still Ignore
6. The Ghost of Mankind
7. Tortured and Abused
8. Education or Indoctrination
9. In Darkness
10. Heresy
11. Hallo There...How's Life?
12. The Buck Stops Here

This post is somewhat redundant, as this record can be found on many other blogs, but considering Antisect is one of the more influential anarcho-punk outfits to come out of the UK, I think its definitely warranted. Much of the dark punk/goth thing happening now is definitely informed by this band. Antisect's only full-length, this record is chalked full of dark, murky riffs, and at times is both atmospheric and driving.  If you haven't heard it, this is not one to miss. You can even still get the repress.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Hexentanz - blutverlust (2012)

Artist: Hexentanz
Album: blutverlust
Release: 2012
Label: s/r

1. Coven
2. Stake
3. Sorry
4. Night
5. Attic

Hexentanz are a two-man bedroom project out of Brooklyn playing eerie, atmospheric darkwave. A hypnotizing journey through dark corridors, haunted realms, and sacrificial ceremonies awaits anyone who picks up this EP, this group's debut release. If you're into it, you can stagger through the fog, ignore the terrifying chants surrounding you, and either acquire these mp3s for a nominal fee on Hexentanz's bandcamp, or email jakedibeler(at)gmail(dot)com and snag a tape. Enjoy the numb hymns kids.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Deathcharge - s/t (Love Was Born To An Early Death)

Artist: Deathcharge
Album: s/t (Love Was Born To An Early Death)
Release: 2011
Label: Unseen Forces

1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled
5. Untitled
6. Untitled
7. Untitled
8. Untitled

Formed in the late 90's as an obvious Discharge tribute, Deathcharge are a crust-turned-goth punk band residing in the thriving dark punk scene in Portland. This full length marks a break from their crust roots, and a turn towards goth influences, especially in vocals. Deathcharge still rips though. You'll get lost in this driving torrent of power chords and fist-pumping hooks.