Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grave Babies - Pleasures 7" (2011)

Artist: Grave Babies
Album: Pleasures 7"
Release: 2011
Label: Hardly Art

This release comes our way from Hardly Art of all places. And while Grave Babies is suited for this label in some respects, 'Pleasures' is an entirely different beast than the usual forgettable indie-pop fare that constitutes its peers. Blown-out, containing great hooks, and taking strong cues from The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cure, this 7" is some quality goth-pop. Grave Babies also have a new full length out if you're interested, although I personally am much more impressed with this EP. Watch out for shows if your near their home-base Seattle. Until next time:

*This file has been suspended via copyright law. I assume this means someone with legitimate claim would like this link taken down. I have obliged.*

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