Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Conflict - The Serenade Is Dead (1983)

Artist: Conflict
Album: The Serenade Is Dead EP
Release: 1983
Label: Mortarhate Records

1. The Serenade Is Dead
2. The Positive Junk
3. The System Maintains

Conflict is a classic UK anarcho punk band that first put out material in the early 80s, starting with their debut, 'The House That Man Built,' on Crass Records. Although the band has seen many line-ups, they continued to put out records into the early aughts, and are still together today. 'The Serenade Is Dead' is one of their earlier releases, and was put out on Conflict's own Mortarhate Records. While Conflict has always been a proponent of animal rights, anarchy, and peace, this EP focuses solely on frustration with the larger social system that surrounds us. Enjoy the numb hymns kids.


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