Sunday, August 26, 2012

Haldol - Demo (2011)

This hardcore/deathrock demo was submitted to me by way of Nashville, TN. Self-proclaimed influences include Japanese hardcore legends active in the Burning Spirit scene, which is evident in their murky, riff-filled sound. Tracks surge between unsettling, slow-tempo builds and noisy hardcore. This EP is a solid first release, and Haldol will be releasing an LP followed by two EPs in the not so distant future, so for now head over to their bandcamp for a pay-what-you-will download, and watch out for new material to come. Check it out:


Friday, August 24, 2012

Crass - Stations Of The Crass (1979)

Artist: Crass
Album: Stations Of The Crass
Release: 1979
Label:  Crass Records

1. Mother Earth
2. White Punks On Hope
3. You've Got Big Hands
4. Darling
5. System
6. Big Man, Big M.A.N.
7. Hurry Up Garry
8. Fun Going On
9. Crutch Of Society
10. Heard To Much About
11. Chairman Of The Board
12. Tired
13. Walls
14. Upright Citizen
15. The Gasman Cometh
16. Demoncrats
17. Conaminational Power
18. Time Out
19. I Ain't Think, It's Just A Trick
20. System
21. System/Big Man, Big M.A.N./Banned From The Roxy/Hurry Up Garry [Live]
22. Women/Shaved Women/You Pay/Heard To Much About [Live]
23. Angels/What A Shame/So What/G's Song [Live]
24. Do They Owe Us A Living? [Live]
25. Punk Is Dead

Obviously Crass needs no introduction, so I'll forgo the usual background and simply point you towards the omniscient Wikipedia. I would do such an influential band no justice anyhow. What I can say is that 'Stations Of The Crass' is the band's second full length LP, and is full of the noisy, hectic, politically obsessed sound that has made the group so iconic. I'm still exploring their vast discography, so I can't really accurately rank the release, but if you're like me, and have put off Crass for too long, this is definitely a great place to start.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dirt - Object Refuse Reject Abuse (1981)

Artist: Dirt
Album: Object Refuse Reject Abuse
Release: 1981
Label: Crass Records

1. Hiroshima
2. Unemployment
3. Democracy
4. Dolls of Destruction

Four tracks of muddy, unrelenting early 80s anarcho punk from Crass contemporaries Dirt (Death Is Reality Today). Nothing much more to say than that. Highlights on this debut include squealing female vocals and the fact that there's not one dud on this thing. Not one to miss.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Infinite Void - s/t LP (2012)

Artist: Infinite Void
Album: s/t LP
Release: 2012
Label: Poison City Records

1. Creeping Symmetry
2. These Days
3. Pull Apart
4. Give Up
5. (You're) Still Sour
6. Pay For What Its Worth
7. Still Waiting
8. The Weight
9. Distant Light
10. Something is Lost
11. What's Left

Saw these guys last night at Willimantic Records, home turf in Willimantic, CT. They're in all the way from Melbourne, Australia, touring the US supporting their new debut s/t full length, so I was really excited to catch them. Infinite Void plays a melodic brand of dark post-punk with dancey beats, female vocals,  and swirling 80's guitar riffs that impart a dreamy element to the sound. All in all the band's aesthetic is borrowed from all the 80's regulars, but not definitively derivative of any one act I can think of. Great stuff, look out for tour dates near you, and if there isn't one, but you're dying to get your hands on a copy of the LP, head over to Poison City Records. Links below.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Estranged - The Subliminal Man (2010)

Artist: The Estranged
Album: The Subliminal Man
Release: 2010
Label: Dirtnap Records

1.The Subliminal Man
2. Lunacy
3. Doubts and Regrets
4. Faces Stare
5. Testify
6. Wicker Man
7. Perfection
8. Statue In A Room
9. Love And A Molotov Cocktail (The Flys Cover)
10. Choke

More great 80's throw back from Portland, this time in the form of straight forward dark post punk/new wave. Catchy chord progressions, plenty of flanger/chorus guitar tone, and dancey rhythm are to be found on this LP. The album gradates in pop sound, ranging from mid-Husker-Du influenced post-punk to new wave hooks via The Sound, and is devoid of any disappointing tracks. The LP is out of stock for now, but according to Dirtnap this is temporary. The album is still available in CD format however, for those interested. The links below. Try it out:


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grave Babies - Pleasures 7" (2011)

Artist: Grave Babies
Album: Pleasures 7"
Release: 2011
Label: Hardly Art

This release comes our way from Hardly Art of all places. And while Grave Babies is suited for this label in some respects, 'Pleasures' is an entirely different beast than the usual forgettable indie-pop fare that constitutes its peers. Blown-out, containing great hooks, and taking strong cues from The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cure, this 7" is some quality goth-pop. Grave Babies also have a new full length out if you're interested, although I personally am much more impressed with this EP. Watch out for shows if your near their home-base Seattle. Until next time:

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