Sunday, July 8, 2012

Death Evocation - s/t EP (2011)

Artist: Death Evocation
Album: s/t EP
Release: 2011
Label: Quality Control HQ

1. Relentless
2. Isolation
3. Weight

Its my birthday today, and a damn good birthday it is. I've been scraping the bowels of the internet for a week trying to find this release, as my physical is currently somewhere in the hands of the USPS, and I finally uncovered it. This EP strays some from other posts I've made on this blog, but I think you'll find it warranted. Part stoner jam, part metal, part crust, Death Evocation's self-titled  consists of three dark hardcore anthems guaranteed to satisfy any and all headbanging fixations.

The highlight of the release is no doubt 'Relentless,' demonstrating both the acute ability to write capturing riffs in the vein of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, etc., and deliver them with a fierceness atypical of usual stoner-metal fare. 'Relentless' is by no means a standalone however, as 'Isolation' and 'Weight' have their own merits, delivering further crust/metal intensity, and a more classic take on stoner-metal respectively. Unfortunately for the masses, Quality Control HQ has been sold out of these for a while, so keep an eye out as they're not easy to come by.

Follow the smoke to a riff filled land:


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