Saturday, July 21, 2012

Population - s/t 7" (2011)

Artist: Population
Album: s/t 7"
Release: 2011
Label: BLVD Records

Population are a post-punk/darkwave outfit out of Chicago. I especially like this 7" of theirs, as it simultaneously showcases pop sensibility, and maintains a certain dark atmosphere reminiscent of the dark punk scene that revolved around the Batcave club in London during the early to mid '80s (Alien Sex Fiend, etc.). I don't always enjoy this particular brand of goth sound, but the Ian Curtis vocals bring these tracks together in a tasteful way, not always achieved by bands of that bygone era. Recommended for any fans of the usual dark post-punk/goth staples. 

Bonus: There are still copies left, you can check them out below.


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