Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PDX Compilation Volume 2

Artist: Various
Album: PDX Compilation Volume 2
Release: 2012
Label: Blackwater Records

1. Crusaders + Banshees (Arctic Flowers)
2. Tension Building (The Bellicose Minds)
3. With You (Funeral Parade)
4. Mortality (Moral Hex)

Great comp of the best in Portland dark punk. I can't even say there is a highlight on this album, its all just too damn good. All of these bands have other releases, and as you'll definitely be interested in other material by them, you'll be excited to know both Arctic Flowers and The Bellicose Minds put out records last year, Reveries and Whisper in Darkness respectively, that you can still get your hands on. Demos and such from all of these bands are also worth looking into. Unfortunately physicals are harder to come by, but completely worth the hunt. Happy searching.


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