Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spectres - Discography CS (2012)

Artist: Spectres
Album: Discography CS
Release 2012
Label: Crysis Records

1. Pattern Recognition
2. Time is Out
3. Stasi
4. Romans
5. Our Time
6. Loginas
7. City of Ghost
8. Standing East
9. Last Days
10 Decline And Fall
11. Revolutions
12. Visions of a New World
13. Complications
14. Cold War
15. Message From Above

Spectres is a fantastic anarcho/darkwave outfit out of Vancouver. The obvious comparison is Joy Division, but Spectres puts their own spin on this classic blueprint. Endless hooks make this release catchy as hell. Unfortunately, these tapes are sold out, but this is not a band to overlook.


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