Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cemetery - Demo CS (2011)

Artist: Cemetery
Album: Demo CS
Release 2011
Label: s/r


1. Reptile Walk
2. Cask
3. Voices in the Ceiling
4. State Ward
5. Grave Dance
6. Voices in the Walls

This deathrock outfit from Chicago introduced me to the genre via Terminal Escape.  Obvious Christian Death worship meets a good dose of punk with the product being undeniably catchy, brooding anthems. Also included is the "Voices in the..." series, wandering gothic tracks which act as an outlet for Cemetery's affinity for analog-synth. 

Unfortunately their demo has been sold out for some time (I've yet to get my hands on a copy), but it is supposedly being repressed soon (check vigorously here). New material is also in the works. Cemetery recorded two stellar new tracks that were aired during an WLUW interview last month. I recorded the show and hopefully will have it streaming soon pending on Cemetery's good grace. 

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