Monday, May 14, 2012

Crimson Scarlet - Sanctuary 7" (2012)

Artist: Crimson Scarlet
Album: Sanctuary 7"
Release: 2012
Label: Cool Summer Records

1. Sanctuary
2. Two Kinds of Red

Debut (?) release from Santa Barbara punks Crimson Scarlet on Cool Summer Records.This 7" sports two excecptionally produced, vaguely danceable tracks of female fronted deathrock. If you're into Cemetery, I would highly recommend it. Cool Summer pretty much sum says all there is to say:

"Forged in hell fire under a full moon, summoned by witches, the embodiment of forsaken spirits of the ancient world.  Echoing the wolves howl, and the banshee’s cry. The sea turns black, the mountains tremble, the dead rise.  The forest floor stirs with unholy life, limbs and branches twist and bend in the still night.  The crow that raps upon the window pane, the dog that stalks the alley, beware the shape shifter.  The lone traveler upon the desert plain beckons, but keep your distance or risk venturing to realms unknown.  The hunter or the hunted, choose, and seal your fate.  The spell has been cast, the spirit world unlocked.  The hollows offer no refuge.  The stones are aligned, the crystal blessed, the blood of the serpent spilled.  All are damned."


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