Monday, May 21, 2012

Amebix - No Sanctuary EP (1984)

Artist: Amebix
Album: No Sanctuary EP
Release: 1984
Label: Spiderleg Recordings

1. Battery Humans
2. Control
3. Progress
4. No Sanctuary
5. The Church is For Sinners
6. Sunshine Ward
7. Moscow Madness: No Gods Part II

My roommate is really into raw black metal, the kind that could just as easily be identified as crust. Its been ever-present in the house for a couple years now, hes turned me on to some great bands, and this new appreciation for the lo-fi black metal/crust sound got me hooked on this EP all the much more. Amebix are just as much Discharge as they are Joy Division, and at times distinctly seem to me an obvious pre-cursor to black metal. "Sunshine Ward" (below) exemplifies this, but crusty guitars and great bass lines are to be found abound on this release.


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