Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rudimentary Peni - Farce (1982)

Artist: Rudimentary Peni
Album: Farce EP
Release: 1982
Label: Crass Records

1. Sacrifice
2. Cosmetic Plague
3. Subdued Violence
4. Only Human
5. The Bile Ball
6. Farce
7. Bloody Jellies
8. Mice Race
9. Defined By Age
10. Zero Again
11. Bubble

Friends and scene-mates of fellow deathrock outfit Part 1, Rudimentary Peni were an anarcho-punk group out of the UK who played a brand of energetic punk that seems to border hardcore in some respects. They self-released several of their records, but this particular EP, "Farce," was released on Crass records, sharing the label with similar acts like The Mob.

Vocals are what make this band. The sound of a broken man. Don't miss this seminal release.



  1. wrong part 1 is not death rock they are punk why does everyone try to re-write history

    1. No ones re-writing anything. While Part 1 technically was part of the anarcho punk camp, their sound stretched far in some ways from Crass, Rudementary Peni, and the like, towards something that resembled a less theatrical atmosphere comparable to Christian Death in some ways, especially lyrically. So although Part 1 did not emerge as a deathrock band, they are certainly now relevant to the current anarcho/goth punk revival.

      Plus who gives a shit.

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