Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flux of Pink Indians - Neu Smell (1981)

Artist: Flux of Pink Indians
Album Neu Smell
Release: 1981
Label: Crass Records

1. Neu Smell
2. Tube Disasters
3. Poem
4. Sick Butchers
5. Background of Malfunction

Fantastic quirky British anarcho punk on Crass Records. This EP is short, with an intro and poetic interlude making up two of the five tracks. But it's packed full of great lyrics, covering the pitfalls of nuclear experimentation, humankind's species chauvinism, and the evils of consuming meat. I have yet to explore their later works, but from what I have read they differ greatly from this record. So get your fill of this great dark punk release, and thank Crass once again for their impeccable taste.


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