Saturday, June 9, 2012

Antisect - In Darkness, There Is No Choice (1983)

Artist: Antisect
Album: In Darkness, There is No Choice
Release: 1983
Label: Spiderleg Recordings

1. They (The Eternal Myth and Paradox)
2. The World's Biggest Runt
3. A Midsummer Night's Dream
4. Channel Zero (Reality)
5.Yet They Still Ignore
6. The Ghost of Mankind
7. Tortured and Abused
8. Education or Indoctrination
9. In Darkness
10. Heresy
11. Hallo There...How's Life?
12. The Buck Stops Here

This post is somewhat redundant, as this record can be found on many other blogs, but considering Antisect is one of the more influential anarcho-punk outfits to come out of the UK, I think its definitely warranted. Much of the dark punk/goth thing happening now is definitely informed by this band. Antisect's only full-length, this record is chalked full of dark, murky riffs, and at times is both atmospheric and driving.  If you haven't heard it, this is not one to miss. You can even still get the repress.


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