Monday, June 4, 2012

Hexentanz - blutverlust (2012)

Artist: Hexentanz
Album: blutverlust
Release: 2012
Label: s/r

1. Coven
2. Stake
3. Sorry
4. Night
5. Attic

Hexentanz are a two-man bedroom project out of Brooklyn playing eerie, atmospheric darkwave. A hypnotizing journey through dark corridors, haunted realms, and sacrificial ceremonies awaits anyone who picks up this EP, this group's debut release. If you're into it, you can stagger through the fog, ignore the terrifying chants surrounding you, and either acquire these mp3s for a nominal fee on Hexentanz's bandcamp, or email jakedibeler(at)gmail(dot)com and snag a tape. Enjoy the numb hymns kids.


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