Monday, June 25, 2012

Arctic Flowers Summer 2012 Tour & 8/14 Show w/ Foreign Objects, Bloody Gears, Cleansing Wave

The female-fronted anarcho-punk outfit Arctic Flowers (featured previously on this blog here) are touring the East and Midwest this summer supporting a new 12" EP, Procession*. Residing in Portland, OR, they don't necessarily get out to this side of the states very often, so for fans on this side of the Mississippi, I would check out their full tour schedule here. Most likely they're coming to a haunt near you. 

If you can make the Boston show, August 14th at What We Talk About, I recommend it.  I'll surely be there, as the line-up is killer, and showcases some of Massachusetts' finest (Foreign Objects, Bloody Gears, Cleansing Wave). As a preview to this dark ritual, I thought I'd share a few releases to give those unfamiliar something to look forward too:

First up is Arctic Flowers. Catchy, dark, anarchic, touring. Demo CS: Download

*new track off new Procession 12" EP that will be available on tour

Foreign Objects: Also female-fronted, straight punk rock. Great stuff. Demo CS: Download

Bloody Gears plays catchy garage/punk with dark post-punk influences. They just released an LP this year, Landscapes of Disease. Here it is: Buy, Download

Cleansing Wave: Fantastic noisy D-beat. They just released a s/t 7" on PRGNT records, pick one up here! Demo CS: Download

Remember, if you like these bands they are all current, so find a way to support them! Come say hi on August 14th, I'm the tall, dark, and gangly one.

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