Friday, June 29, 2012

Belgrado - s/t (2011)

Artist: Belgrado
Album: s/t
Release: 2011
Label: Discos Enfermos/Static Age/Oficyna Paranoja

1. No Exit
2. Clockwise
3. In My Head
4. No Answer
5. Those Times
6. Dead Generation
7. Lies
8. Zapomnijmy
9. Koszmat
10. Visions of Massacre

Belgrado are a dark post-punk group from Barcelona. Their self-titled LP consists of ten tracks of female-fronted, dancey, forlorn tunes, that fans of other contemporary anarcho groups are sure to enjoy. Their sound is akin to much of the Portland dark punk scene especially.

It's a solid release, and lucky for you there's a free, totally legal download on their bandcamp. If your itching to grab a copy, visit any of the labels that released it (links also on bandcamp). Enjoy the numb hymns.



  1. Holy shit! This blog is amazing. I'll add you to Teenage Lobotomy blogroll list.

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    1. Thanks man, its really appreciated! I'll add you as well.