Saturday, September 8, 2012

DEEP HEAT - Low Lights (2011)

Album: Low Lights EP
Release: 2011
Label: s/r (as far as I can tell)

1. Sideways
2. Green Box
3. When It Hums
4. Low Lights
5. Clean Break
6. Negative Though
7. Tangent Circles
8. White Light

Sharing several members with the recently toured Infinite Void, these Australians came through Willimantic, CT for round two last night. They played at Willimantic Records as before, and were equally as kick ass under this moniker/line up change. DEEP HEAT's frantic brand of dark pop is outwardly darkwave influenced, filled with fast paced hooks and dreamy atmosphere. Vocal duties are shared between three members, imparting some diversity to their sound. And the ever-grooving base lines are sure to please. Check it out, you surely won't be disappointing:


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