Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sin Dios - Alerta Antifascista (1993)

Artist: Sin Dios
Album: Alerta Antifascista
Release: 1993
Label: Potencial Hardcore

1. Alerta Antifascista
2. La Huelga
3. Hambre Negra, Expolio Blanco
4. Cancion De Amor (Celda De Aislamiento)
5. Las Carceles
6. Poema
7. Imigrante Ilegal
8. Unas Flores Con Sorpresa
9. La Historia Que No Cuenta
10. Actua
11. Nuevas Generaciones
12. No Queremos Paz Sino Victoria

Sin Dios are a hardcore/anarcho outfit from Spain that formed in the late '80s and have been around through the aughts. This particular full length was released in '93 and is mostly full of straightforward hardcore. Here and there other influences will peak from behind the torrent of power chords, a bit of ska here, a dark riff there. Even some traditional Spanish guitar finds its way onto this release. While I'm not always in love with these departures, when they work they work well, and they definitely bring a diversity to this release that sometimes is lacking on hardcore LPs. Check it out:


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