Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Misfits - Night Of The Living Dead (1979) & 3 Hits From Hell (1981)

Artist: The Mistfits
Album: Night Of The Living Dead
Release: 1979
Label: Plan 9

1. Where Eagles Dare
2. Night Of The Living Dead
3. Rat Fink
Artist: The Misfits
Album: 3 Hits From Hell
Release: 1981
Label: Plan 9

1. London Dungeon
2. Horror Hotel
3. Ghouls' Night Out

Sadly, on this day of all days, November 1, Halloween has ended, and you are no doubt in a hungover haze (no matter whether mini candy bars or brass monkey is your vice). But if you're ever down, oppressed by the the beautiful memories of Halloweens past, incapacitated by the anticipation of another year of throwing rotten eggs at kids, smashing empty 40ozs on passing cars, and vomiting in your ex-girlfriend's bushes (pained that she never did dress as Woody Allen to your Dianne Keaton) then throw these on. Without a doubt they will soothe your brooding soul, and all-in-all prepare you for many All Hallow's Eves to come.

Download I
Download II

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