Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Horror Vacui - In Darkness You Will Feel Alright (2012)

Artist: Horror Vacui
Album: In Darkness You Will Feel Alright
Release: 2012
Label: AVANT! Records

1. Intro
2. Black Rivers
3. I Like It When A Soldier Dies
4. Corvus Corax
5. Everytime
6. In Darkness
7. Yersinia
8. Arabian Spring
9. Leave Me Alone
10. Outro

I was watching the horror flick Susperia (1977) a few nights ago with some friends, and this being my second viewing of the movie, I came to the conclusion that it was surprisingly goofy. My first run through I was entirely enamored with the surreal lighting and over the top soundtrack, and somehow the horrific acting (uninspired, not scary) was missed while immersed in the film's fantastic atmosphere. But you know what? I don't think this realization has moved Susperia from my list of movies I would recommend to anyone. I don't care that there are awkward transitions meant to build failed suspense, or that some of the more terrifying moments of the movie really are more laugh worthy than gasp worthy. I choose to appreciate the world of Susperia for what it is: a place filled with inexplicable colored light, and beautiful visuals composed of corpses lying in their own blood, impaled by broken stained glass.

Why is this relevant you ask? This is a music blog after all. Partly because I felt like trying something new and self-indulgent when introducing this record, but also because my relationship with this record, Horror Vacui's new LP, is much like my relationship with Susperia. I know that many of my friends would listen to a track off of this record and think the vocals were melodramatic, or the execution more theatric than dark. But those friends are obnoxious and missing the point. This record, In Darkness You Will Feel Alright is a wonderfully executed addition to the current 80's/goth/punk revival festering in punk circles abound. The melodies are catchy and driving, and the vocals right out of Romeo's Distress. If your looking for good atmosphere and feeling like you need more teased black hair in your life (who doesn't?) then this is for you. Now that you got through my bull shit go listen to it:



  1. hey, can you re-upload it please? maybe to zippyshare, because they don't delete or lock something. thanks!

    greets from berlin, moppi.