Monday, November 4, 2013

Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Always (1985)/Floodland (1987)


Artist: Sisters of Mercy
Album: First and Last and Always
Release: (1985)
Label: Merciful Release

1. Black Planet
2. Walk Away
3. No Time To Cry
4. A Rock And A Hard Place
5. Marian (Version)
6. First And Last And Always
7. Possession
8. Nine While Nine
9. Logic
10. Some Kind Of Stranger

Artist: Sisters Of Mercy
Album: Floodland
Release: 1987
Label: Merciful Release

1. Dominion/Mother Russia
2. Flood I
3. Lucretia My Reflection
4. 1959
5. This Corrosion
6. Flood II
7. Driven Like The Snow
8. Never Land (A Fragment)

Dim candles, occult rites, red roses, blood filled chalices, ridiculous sunglasses: Sisters of Mercy.

Rivaling The Cure's self-pity and brooding, Sisters of Mercy are a pillar in the goth canon, and have stood as a high water mark for this particular brand of darkwave since the early 80s. Mind-blowing bass tone, deep crooning vocals, goth synth love, and expansive atmosphere make both of these LPs a must have for anyone who doesn't give a shit that the New York Times won't shut up about "goths" with pastel hair, and just wants to brood alone in the dark. Grab a bottle of blood red wine (at least one per person involved) and start with "Marian," you won't regret it.

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  1. up the punks:

  2. My mom's first name is Marianne. I haven't lissened to THAT in maaaaaaaaaaany years when I was gettn hit in the ass by the whorizontal and going down to where it's really dark. Wiseabove with me just for a second; break-out of our homo'BOMBa behavior...

    There's an alternative to everlasting misery: wanna wiseabove to Seventh-Heaven? Here's what you do: turn around 180°, turn away from the dark, and STOP following the whorizontal. Decide NOW. God bless you.

    Yes, I was a hardcore, lissening to GBH, MDC, DOA, Fear... yet, I knew that aint what God was calling me for. Know, grow, wiseabove. Meet me Upstairs. We'll have a blast.